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Look and Listen: Surprise at Sarasota Farmers Market Cadillac Grainer String Band

Bright and early at the Sarasota Farmers Market Saturday December 22, 2012, we ran across a surprise performance of this really fun band from Everywhere, USA, you maybe asking where is that well, they hail from Florida, Texas, Minnesota performing Everywhere in-between.  The Cadillac Grainer String Band is made up of 5 Hillbilly Musicians, lead Holly Foss on Mandolin and Vocals, David Dixon/ BanjoBrad Stringfellow/ MandolinTyler Nall/ Banjo/ Vocals, today we saw 4 of these band members play to a very large crowd of onlookers. Their music blasted the market with tunes reminiscence of music you may hear in the hills of Tennessee while sipping Moonshine. One thing that impressed us most was the kind interactions these four showed, stopping to describe each song and greet questions with enthusiastic answers, while selling home-made CD’s and raking in $100’s in tips and sales. THIS JUST IN: CGSB Wil play a short Acoustic Set at Shamrock Pub  2257 Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, FL.

Photo by: Dylan Jon Wade Cox Staff Photographer Sarasota Music Scene

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